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Animal Talk Naturally

Animal Talk Naturally: Empowering YOU with UNlearning to care for YOUR animals, NATURALLY! Celebrating the art of natural animal care, the truth of animal nature, and the love of the human-animal bond.

Animal naturopaths, Dr. Kim Bloomer and Dr. Jeannie Thomason share every Wednesday on the whole health, naturopathic approach to animal care on Animal Talk Naturally since 2005!!

Shadrach was the dog who inspired Dr. Kim to create Animal Talk Naturally and he continues to inspire her to this day. He passed on April 5, 2011 but his memory lives on in every show!!

Apr 1, 2018

Join animal naturopaths, Dr. Kim & Dr. Jeannie with their guest, Catherine Grier, author of the Pets in America: The History. You'll hear the difference from then to now in some of how they share. This show was recorded TEN years ago so it's good to know growth happens! This show and book has been mentioned recently in new podcasts so we hope you will enjoy this trek into the past. The evolution of pets in American history may astound you!!

Recording Date: August 13, 2008 

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